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Vrbno pod Pradědem

Vrbno pod Pradědem is 500-800 meters above sea level in the former district Bruntal. The highest mountain of Moravia and Silesia is Praděd (1491 m above sea level, 12 km from Vrbno pod Pradědem towards the northeast). Vrbno pod Pradědem is near The High Mountain Hill (1031 m). The city is near a place, where three rivers (three sisters) run: White Opava, Central Opava and Black Opava. The pride of the city is a beautiful location and nature.

Vrbno is surrounded by the mountains, which belong to Hrubý Jeseník (Praděd). Other mountains are Medvědská hornatina (Medvědí vrch, 1216 m), Zlatohorská vrchovina and Hynčická hornatina (Biskupská kupa, 888 m).

The first inhabitants of the city were prospectors. These inhabitants sought gold on the River Opava and its tributaries. Other inhabitants were hunters, coal producers and forest beekeepers.

The settlement (Gesenek) belonged to The Genus of the Preemyslop from Opava. The settlement was later renamed Fürstenwald. This settlement belonged to the Bruntal manor. The owners of the manor were The Lords of Vrbno and The Lords of Bruntál. The settlement was promoted to the city (Vrbno today) during the reign of Hynek jr. from Vrbno (April 24th, 1611). Thanks to several entrepreneurs, especially the Grohmann family, the mining town has become an industrial city.

The city did not have historical events, there are not many historical and cultural monuments. There is a beautiful wooded area, hiking trails, nature trails, cycling routes. The ski slope is available (The High Mountain Hill). Types for excursions: Ludvíkov valley, Karlova Studánka spa, Ovčárna - Praděd sports and tourist center, Black Opava and Rejvíz valley, Karlovice, Bruntál and so on.

Vrbno pod Pradědem is an ideal starting point for tourists, sportsmen, holidaymakers and guests who want to visit the Jeseníky Mountains. Be welcome!

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